Remove ‘Life begins at Conception’ definition from the Constitution- Dr Ameck Kamanga

Posted: November 29, 2012 in News

Zambia Association of Obstetricians and Gynaegologists (ZAGO) (A Medical Association) Secretary General, Dr. Ameck Kamanga yesterday said that definition of ‘life begins at conception” should be removed from the draft constitution of Zambia as it was controversial. He called for an amendment to article 28 of the draft constitution emphasis that from a medical perspective ‘conception’ is a term that has no clear definition. He stated that while some interest groups working to restrict women’s reproductive health services define conception as beginning at fertilization, determining the moment of fertilization has no widely accepted biological or medical maker.

He stated that  if Article 28 is passed as it is in the current draft constitution will cause confusion to the practice of medicine especially in relation to reproductive and maternal health. It could lead to restrictions on women’s reproductive health services including emergency treatment and some methods of contraception.

Dr. Kamanga retaliated that article 28 would not be in line with many international human rights treaties to which Zambia was a signatory. International human rights and treaties refer to persons that have been born and not before. The Universal  Declaration of Human Rights begins with a statement ‘all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights’. He stated that Zambia had made progress with increased access to a range of reproductive health services. This progress is at risk by the phrasing of article 28 as it is in the draft constitution and it is a threat to the practice of medicine and women of Zambia who seek reproductive health services and it will also represent a setback for women’s reproduction health rights.

  1. shaban says:

    Dr. Ameck Kamanga’s submission regarding the definition that “Life begins at Conception” as provided under the said Article 28 of the draft constitution, indeed reflect the correct position of international human rights.
    The inclusion of this definition in the draft constitution will not only cause reproductive problems, but will also have serious legal implications and litigation. It will make the mothers or family life very difficult.
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  2. Samuel Dokowe says:

    I’m going to re-blog this.

  3. Samuel Dokowe says:

    Reblogged this on Dokowe Samuel's Blog.

  4. Samuel Thanks for re-bloging! We are always happy to share information!


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