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Civil Society Participation in Zambia’s Constitution Making Process Through e-Networking”

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Civil Society Participation in Zambia’s Constitution Making Process Through e-Networking”

This blog is an open space for all stakeholders such as the Zambia Governance Foundation (ZGF) Grant-Partners, other CSOs and the general public who intend to make a difference by contributing to the constitution making process. All are encouraged to engage in  meaningful discussions by posting comments or submissions and opinion poll voting on various thematic areas of the constitution as we track the constitution making process, inclusion of submissions and promote voter participation in the anticipated referendum. The blog shares submissions made by ZGF Grant-partners and other CSOs  to the Technical Committee drafting Zambia’s Constitution.

Zambia has had several constitutional review commissions since the early 1970s. Tragically, though set up at a huge cost to Zambian tax payers, the country has continued facing constitutional crisis leading to continuous amendments with the aim of meeting the needs and demands of the Zambian People. This scenario has made the past Governments spend huge sums of money on constitutional related processes and projects at the expense of basic services such as health and education. Lack of effective participation at grassroots and household level has largely contributed to these constitutional failures. In 2009 alone, over ZMK150 billion was spent on the National Constitution Conference which eventually failed to enact a people driven constitution. Much of the failure was alluded to lack of effective participation of key stakeholders such as the Civil Society, representative political players and the general public.

However, on 16th November 2011 by the President of the Republic of Zambia appointed a  18 member Technical Committee that is mandated to draft Zambia’s Constitution. The Technical Committee has so far published a road map to the constitution making process that seem to encourage broader and effective participation of different stakeholders such as the Civil Society and the general public. Nevertheless, the participation of the CSOs would not be as effective as expected if a platform for information sharing, lobby and advocacy is not provided. Therefore, the Forum for Youth Organizations in Zambia (FYOZ) in partnership with Transparency International Zambia (TIZ), FDC and other Zambia Governance Foundation (ZGF) grant partners developed the CSO Zambia Constitution Network Blog. The blog was  developed to provide a platform that will increase Civil Society participation in the Zambia Constitution Making Process through information sharing, e-networking, consolidated submissions, joint policy lobby and advocacy building a critical mass using social media. Furthermore, the platform shall be used to facilitate CSOs participation at various stages of the Technical Committee Consultative processes.

  1. Hanampota Hamukoma says:

    Governance issues are real a problem in Zambia. While I support the fifty plus one . The question of who to give that remains un answered. The majority of us Zambians lack understanding of issues that has led our nation in this deplorable state and yet it is this majority that must vote and does vote. Even if the issues where to be explained our levels of understanding have demonstrated that they are nowhere near anything that would enable us to make the right choice. What determines the following is it the leadership or should we say the leadership determines the following. This gives you the type of leadership we have . When KK put on safari suits and national unity that was it. Chiluba came with suits and big ties and streetism that was it, Mwanawasa brought in a national vision and we had it , Banda simply bundled us like a batch of senseless people, if I were Mpombo I would have said ‘ a batch of nincompoops’ . What is Sata doing I hope its not going to be a satire. Leadership , Leadership, Leadership will make us or break us (50+1 the only way forward real)

    • chawama youth sports academy says:

      I agree with you brother, Leadership should be exhibited by the rate at which one is ready to relinquish power, the ability to listen to the people’s will, 50 + 1 the only way

  2. NIDYLSIG says:

    As much we can discuss about 50+1, the challenge still remain on the running mate for the vice president, which to my view will play a pivot role in an event of death of the current president

  3. charlotte says:

    i agree

  4. NIDYLSIG says:

    The commitments by Prof Mvunga a member on the technical committee drafting the zambian consitution during the opening of the CSO’s Networking blog hosted by forum for youth organisations in Zambia is a milistone and commitments which us civil society we will have not dault that the technical committee will give the zambian people the constitution they have been waiting for so long

  5. NIDYLSIG says:

    Article 11: On the draft constitution, my feelings are that, it will be for the benefit of all Zambia the president give a report on annually basis to parliament which will be for all Zambian people to hear what’s his/her direction for the coming year and held accountable to the people the promise to save.

  6. VincentA says:

    We need a better Bill of Rights and gender equity in the new constitution.

  7. Maboshe Namakando- member of E-brain says:

    In order to have a better constitution which will stand the test of time, all sectors of the citizens must contribute their views not only on political clauses, but on all issues such as land , bill of rights-social economic .cultural aspects of our lives etc.

  8. Tadesse Bekele says:

    Dear ;
    I am from Ethiopia . would you tell me how i can produce and use web.2 in Library?

    – In-coming Western Province, Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba has courageously met the Litunga, His Majesty, Lubosi Imwiko II, at his Palace at Limulunga in Mongu, in an interface meant to narrow differences which mounted following the Patriotic Front’s failure to honour the emotive Barotseland agreement .

    – Oasis Forum Spokesperson, Father Cleophas Lungu expressed a desire for President Michael Chilufya Sata to honour both his inaugural speech at the Supreme Court and in his maiden speech in Parliament as President that the Constitution would be subjected to a referendum.
    -HH urges Zambians to defend their constitutional right to interact and advocate for ideals meant to create a better Zambia
    Forum for Democratic Alternative Party President Dr Ludwig Sondashi re-launched his political party, condemning what he termed President Micheal Sata’s adoption of employing unqualified relatives, friends and tribes men and women in public service.
    Dr Sondashi said President Sata blamed the late president Levy Mwanawasa of the vice he called family tree but surprisingly with him it is no longer family tree but family forest.
    Dr Sondashi said employment of unqualified relatives, friend and tribes people has contributed to inefficiency and low productivity in government.
    Cue in
    Dr Sondashi who is a constitutional lawyer said the Technical Committee charged with the responsibility of drafting the draft constitution will fail to bring up a constitution that will stand the test of time.
    Dr Sondashi said a lot of money and time have been spent on the draft constitution but nothing appears to be coming out of this exercise.
    Dr Sondashi said so far the need to divorce the President from active politics and creations of federal system of Government have been left out.
    Dr Sondashi regretted that the draft constitution has in fact increased presidential powers instead of reducing them.
    Dr Sondashi said the President in Zambia, enjoys excessive powers where he controls the executive, legislature and the judiciary through his appointment and important position of Head of State, head of Government and head of the ruling party.
    By Derrick Sinjela

    In-coming Western Province, Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba has courageously met the Litunga, His Majesty, Lubosi Imwiko II, at his Palace at Limulunga in Mongu, in an interface meant to narrow differences which mounted following the Patriotic Front’s failure to honour the emotive Barotseland agreement .

    Mr. Mwamba, who was accompanied by out-going Western Province Permanent Secretary, Mr. Bert Mushala arrived at the Palace at 16; 00hrs to pay his courtesies as the duo was received by the Kuta, the highest judicial body in Barotseland.

    Pan African Radio 105.1 FM journalist reports that Mwamba met over 10 Indunas led by Induna Kalonga before he was ushered in the Palace where the entourage met the Litunga for about an hour.

    And Mr. Mwamba has directed heads of government departments in the province to ensure that the directives by President Michael Sata to build the Lewanika University and the Sports Stadium were expedited.

    Speaking when he addressed a heads of government departments at Provincial Administration in Mongu, Mr. Mwamba said pronouncements by the Republican President needed to be carried out without delay by technocrats.

    He also stated that the creation of the new nine districts was actualized by ensuring that District Commissioners and Council Secretaries were quickly appointed and land for district administration, civic centre and townships was quickly secured.

    He said that Western Province was among the poorest provinces in Zambia. He stated that it was imperative that poverty alleviation programs and infrastructure developments received focused attention.
    The tart Mwamba advised civil servants to desist from harmful habits of the past of stealing public funds and engaging in corrupt activities as these vices retarded development.

    President Michael Sata recently transferred Mr. Mwamba from Eastern Province to Western in a swap with his counterpart Bert Mushala. But the Church, Chiefs and the Patriotic Front Provincial Committee in Eastern Province have all requested President Sata to consider allowing Mwamba to stay in Eastern Province as he had initiated a lot of development programs which they feared, might not be carried out with his recent transfer.

    The Oasis Forum has reacted sharply to remarks attributed to the government spokesman, Hon. Kennedy Sakeni in which the Patriotic Front Government expressed reservations on whether or not the draft Constitution will be subjected to a referendum.
    Oasis Forum Spokesperson, Father Cleophas Lungu expressed a desire for President Michael Chilufya Sata to honour both his inaugural speech at the Supreme Court and in his maiden speech in Parliament as President that the Constitution would be subjected to a referendum.
    Secondly, Father Lungu, who is also Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) Secretary General, observed that the Technical Committee headed by justice is operating on the basis that the Constitution would be subjected to a referendum.
    Pan African Radio 105.1 FM journalist Derrick Sinjela reports that Father Lungu is shocked and alarmed that the Patriotic Front Government had decided to bring unnecessary mist over subjecting the Republican Constitution to a National Referendum.
    The Oasis Forum spokesperson says the constitutional impasse has been compounded by government’s failure to bring about consensus on the Constitution making process by attending to some key issues which stakeholders have raised like publishing a detailed budget for the current Constitution making process and especially the projected expenses for the Technical Committee; lack of a legal framework to guide and anchor the Constitution making process; failure to appoint a Referendum Commission to put in place machinery for conducting a referendum and the Constitution, and Setting a time frame for this entire process.
    Father Cleophas Lungu reiterated that the Oasis Forum remains resolute determined to have a people driven constitution and we will get it through a plan of action to be unveiled soon.
    Former cabinet minister in the United independence party Jethro Mukanga Mutti will be put to rest to dayt in Kaoma’s Namilangi village.
    Miti served as the minister of North western province and once served in the diplomatic service in the Kenneth Kaunda administration.
    Miti 79 passed away last week and has left behind a wife, 8 children and 17 grandchildren.
    President Micheal Chilufya Sata has since declared three days of national mourning for the late Jethro Mukanga Mutti.
    United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia Police Service failure to give his party a permit is an assault to democracy.
    Hichilema told Pan African Radio in an interview that it is unfortunate that the Patriotic Front Government is denying the Zambian people their birth rights of freedom, association and assembly when in the actual fact they themselves are holding meetings everywhere.
    He said this has shown that the country has degenerated into a police and one party state because its leader President Micheal Sata is seemly a dictator.
    CUE in
    Meanwhile Hichilema said the Patriotic Front Government did not issue the statement why Hichilema together with his party sympathizers and Journalists were teargased at Lusaka’s Central Police.
    Hichilema said it is sad that the opposition leaders are treated like robbers in this country.
    Cue in
    Hichilema said Zambians who were in the forefront shouting the PF slogans of Pabwato have gotten what they wanted because the PF has proved to be failures as they have failed to hounour their campaign promises.
    Hichilema said Zambians should realize that it is not just about voting for noise makers that can take the country forward.
    Hichilema said Zambians should come together and vote for him if they want to set themselves free from oppression and poverty.
    Zambia Direct Democracy Movement ZDDM vice president Charles Kafumbo says the shortage of oxygen at the biggest health institution gives a sad reading.
    Speaking in an interview with Pan African radio Kafumbo said it is sad for president Micheal Sata to be promising the Zambia national team 90 thousand dollars bonus if they retain the cup, when that money should have been used to repair some broken down equipment’s at UTH.
    He said the shortage of Oxygen at the university teaching hospital simply shows how irresponsible and negligent the patriotic front government is.
    Cue in….
    Kafumbo further said that his party will not camp at the police headquarters as earlier announced but instead it has decided to remind President Micheal Chilufya Sata to hold an inter party dialogue meeting.
    Cue in …
    Meanwhile University teaching hospital public relations manager Pauline Bangweta has refuted clams that there is a shortage of oxygen at the biggest health institution.
    Bangweta explained that the institution is only affected by the low supply of oxygen which has been due to some technical fault.
    Cue in …….
    Movement for Multi-Party democracy MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba says he will not waste his time to answer back on Major Richard Kachingwe,s continued sentiments in the press.
    In an interview with Pan African radio Dr. Mumba said he would rather concentrate on important programs such as organizing the MMD party than waste his time to answer Major Kachingwe.
    Cue in…..
    Mumba further confirmed that the National Executive committee NEC that sat last night had expelled Mafinga Member of Parliament Catharine Namugala from the MMD party.
    Cue in……
    United Nation Independence Party [UNIP] Chawama constituency chairperson Bywell Kaluba says wrangles in the opposition Parties are created by the ruling Party.
    Speaking in an Interview with Pan African Radio Kaluba said Patriotic Front Government wants all the MPs to join them.
    Kaluba said President Micheal Sata has forgotten that Democrucy means Rule by the people and for people saying the republican president is taking the people for granted.
    He noted that Sata is led Government wants to destroy democracy so that they can be no checks and balance on what the PF Government does.

    Director of Zambian voice Chilufya Tayali says the Electoral commission of Zambia told his organization that an average Parliamentary by-election cost 5 million Kwacha, saying these are huge resource which could go toward improving the state of our public health and education services.
    Speaking un interview with Pan African Radio Tayali said PF government should think of poor mother in sesheki who’s child was allowed to die because of her nearest health post which about 30 meters away is managed by untrained person.
    Tayali said h has also called for the PF to think of poor famer in Mumbwa who has been not paid even up to this January after supplying herb crops to FRA last year.
    He added that the PF central committee has a moral duty to defend democracy and the PF central committee has also obligation to protect natural justice.

    Clement Mohamed Andeleki says he is patiently waiting to hear whether the Patriotic Front Livingstone constituency will adopt him in the forthcoming by elections.
    The Patriotic Front is likely to name its Livingstone By-election candidate today.

    When reached for a comment, Andeleki, the former controversial Chief Registrar of society said he will only issue the statement the adoption process concludes tomorrow.

    There was confusion in the PF Livingstone Constituency committee, with some members fearing the Party will impose President Micheal Sata’s preferred candidate Andeleki.

    During his tenure as Chief Registrar of Society Andeleki threatened to deregister MMD and other institutions that did not mean well to the powers that be.
    Movement for Multi-party Democracy MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba has described a joke that the party has split into two groups.
    Major Richard Kachingwe appeared in the media saying he has formed a parallel MMD to counter Dr Mumba’s MMD.
    But Dr Mumba said the MMD constitution has no provision for the existence of factions within one party.
    Dr Mumba said Kachingwe’s remark that he is masquerading as MMD president are highly misplaced.
    Dr Mumba said if Major Kachingwe wants to be MMD president he should wait for 2016 until MMD holds the next convention.
    United Party Nation for Development (UPND) vice president Richard Kapita says Government’s harassment of opposition leaders is very frustrating.
    Kapita said the ruling Patriotic Front is persecuting its rivals to create an atmosphere of the one party state.
    Kapita said his party does not blame the Zambia Police Service because it is just getting orders from the state house. Kapita was reacting to the recent arrests of Hichilema and Dr Nevers Mumba.
    Meanwhile, the case in which Hichilema allegedly defamed President Micheal Sata has been adjourned to Monday 28th January.
    While African Champions, Zambia was being baptized by little known Ethiopia in the Group C Africa cup game, Police in Lusaka were misbehaving and harassing innocent citizens.
    Presumably above the law, the two notorious Police men whose names have been withheld threw teargas canisters in a bus on Lusaka’s Lumumba road.
    Some commuters were forced to disembark the bus while others suffered the impact of the gas.
    Commuters talked to say the unruly Police threw a teargas canister because they wanted to capture a bus driver who has been evading the cops.
    You are listening to pan African mid-day main news
    Kalomo Central United Party for National Development Member of Parliament Request Muntanga has joined progressive politicians criticizing Sylvia Masebo for appointing Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba on the Zambia Wildlife (ZAWA) board.
    Muntanga says it is illegal for Masebo to appoint the ZAWA without the approval of cabinet chaired by President Micheal Sata
    Muntanga in reality President Sata being constitutionally elected by the people of Zambia is the only who is mandated to appoint the board of a particular Government institution.
    In an interview with Pan African Radio, Muntanga said it will be difficult for Masebo to supervise Kabimba who is her boss in the Patriotic Front.
    Muntanga jokingly said Masebo appointed Kabimba to seat on the board because she wants to keep her job.
    National AIDS Council, NAC says there is need for the Ministry of Health and other organizations dealing in health to ensure that resources are available to provide information on HIV and condoms for the young people.
    NAC Acting Director General Alex Simwanza attributed the high rates of HIV infection among young people to lack of adequate information and health facilities to provide prevention measures such as condoms in the community. Simwanza expressed disappointed to note that thirty years into the HIV response young people have continued to be at a very high risk of HIV.
    Simwanza said no one is giving out condoms to the young people saying it is dangerous as because people cannot pretend that the young people are not having sex.
    Simwanza said that providing condoms to the young people is not promoting promiscuity but simply helping the young people whom he said are sexually active from getting infected with HIV/ AIDS.
    Simwanza added that more information on HIV/AIDS is needed to be disseminated and also provide condoms to the young people in every community.
    He disclosed that 14 percent of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are reported to be having sex with multiple partners, a situation that cannot stop the fight against HIV, thus a need to provide prevention measures before the young generation is wiped out.
    Forum for Progressive Politics, FPP has expressed concern with the delay in the delivering of farming inputs in the country.
    FPP Secretary General Charles Kafumbo expressed disappointment at the delay in delivering farming inputs to the farmers by the government adding that the delay has led to farmers losing their crops.
    Kafumbo has since urged the government to intervene and ensure that the inputs are delivered on time.
    Meanwhile, Kafumbo has also expressed disappointment at the Food Reserve Agency, FRA in Eastern Province who are still owes farmers a total sum of KR2, 500,000 for the maize sold to the agency during the 2012/2013 crop purchasing season.
    He urged the Ministry of Agriculture to settle the areas owed to the farmers and allow them to prepare for the next farming season.
    The Food Reserve Agency, FRA in Eastern province owes farmers and institutions a total sum of KR2, 500,000 for the maize sold to the agency during the 2012/2013 crop purchasing season.
    Former Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti has charged that Home Affairs Minister Given Lubinda does not deserve to be treated in the manner that he is being treated.
    Mulongoti said as a member of a collective committee, Lubinda is entitled to some dignity regardless of the allegations leveled against him.
    Mulongoti said Lubinda represents the image of the country as Home Affairs Minister hence, the need to respect him.
    And Mulongoti has since joined the Non Governmental Organization in challenging the PF to state clearly the offences that Lubinda has committed.
    And The PF Central Committee, the party’s highest decision making organ is today scheduled to have an all-important meeting which is expected to seal the fate of Lubinda and other party officials facing disciplinary charges.
    Pemba Member of Parliament has expressed disappointment at the increased number of early marriages and early pregnancies in the area.
    Mutinta Mazoka said it is challenging to see young girls being dropped out in schools as a result of early pregnancies which latter turn into early marriages.
    Mazoka said one of the challenges most of the members of parliament who represent rural areas are early pregnancies and marriages adding that it is for this reason that she has called on stake holders to come on board and sensitize the people especially in rural areas on the dangers of early marriages and pregnancies.
    She added that it is unfortunate that people living in rural areas do not understand the importance of education and urged parents who are involved in marrying off their school going children to restrain from such act.
    Mazoka said as the area MP she will advocate government to see to that that preventive measures are put in place in the fight against early marriages and pregnancies.
    Center for Elections and Good Governance says the expulsion of Mafinga Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala for gross misconduct and bringing the party into disrepute should be learnt as a lesson in the political arena.
    Mishick Mwewa said members of parliaments should weigh themselves before they issue any statement with regard to their political parties.
    Mwewa said this is because these people are lawmakers and that they should see to it that they issue statement either to criticize government or talk about developmental issues.
    Yesterday MMD expelled Mafinga Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala for gross misconduct and bringing the party into disrepute.
    Out of 45 NEC members present kafumukache did not vote as he was asked to leave room pending disciplinary charges while Vice-president Brian Chituwo voted against expulsion.
    The 43 other NEC members all voted for her expulsion, which means there will be a bye-election in Mafinga once the Speaker of National Assembly, Patrick Matibini receives instructions from the party and writes to the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ
    In her exculpatory letter, Namugala referred to Chituwo as working with him to reorganise the party.
    She had asked court to give her injunction which was not granted but an inter party hearing is on Wednesday
    African News
    Malawi President Joyce Banda Sticks to her guns that she will not declare her assets.
    Katongo Calls for Zambians not to judge the team using the first game.
    Benjamin Natanyahu is beggining negotiations to form a new coalition government
    Malawi President Joyce Banda has again challenged critics that she will not declare her assets, insisting that she is not contravening any law.

    The President has been urged by opposition parties, civil society organizations and some citizens to honour section 88 of the Malawi Constitution.

    Recently, Consumer Association on Malawi (CAMA) presented a petition after their peaceful demonstrations in which they demanded the President to declare her assets within 21 days.

    But speaking in an interview with the Voice of America radio monitored by Nyasa Times on Tuesday, President Banda maintained that she already declared her personal wealth before becoming the Vice President as required by the country’s constitution.
    International News
    David Cameron has said the British people must have their say on Europe as he pledged an In/Out referendum if the Conversations win the election.

    The Prime Minister said he wanted to renegotiate the UK,s relationship with the EU, before asking people to vote.

    The British people would face a very simple choice either to accept the results of the talks or to leave the EU all together he said. Sound bite.
    Benjamin Natanyahu is beggining negotiations to form a new coalition government after his party failed to win many seats as predicted in the general elctions.
    His coalition is on course to become the largest grouping in the Israel parliament but it has lost ground to parties in the centre and on the right. Sound bite

    National team skipper Christopher Katongo has asked for support from Zambians as the copper bullets prepare to meet Nigeria this Friday.
    Katongo said Zambia will wear ‘a different jacket’ in the next match to avoid a repeat of the dismal show they had in there against Ethiopia game and save itself from a first round exit.
    However super eagles captain Joseph yobo described the Chipolopolo boys as a threat despite their tottering 1-all draw against Ethiopia in their opening game at the Africa cup of nations.

    International News
    Death Penalty for Bali Drugs Briton Lindsay Sandiford
    A 56 year old British Woman has been sentenced to death in Indonesia for drug trafficking.
    Lindsay Sandiford was arrested in May last year after Bali Police carrying out a routine customs check found 4.8kg of cocaine in the lining of her suitcase.
    Sandiford was held after a flight from Bangkok, Thailand.
    Israel has begun voting in a general election with polls suggesting Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu will return to the office but with a reduced majority.
    Mr. Netanyahu said the choice was between parties that would lead to a divided and weak Israel or a united and strong Israel.
    And now Sports News

    On behalf of News Writers-Catherine Sekesela, Chanda Musonda and Simon Lungu, Engineer of the day Diana Sumbwe, producer Fulman Mukobeko and Executive Producer derrick Sinjela, this has been Nibby Mvula

  10. chirwa janet says:

    why has it taken long to come up with a constitution?

  11. Elisha shikmak says:

    For a succesful constititution competent cso should be involve especially women and youth.Wish you a sucesful amendment.

  12. George Mulenga says:

    Life in prison is better than death sentence. Prison should be a school that shapes people with debted character for the better one. The government should employ psychologists & other qualified personels who can help transform the mindsets & lives of the disturbed prisoners. I believe in promoting life & giving a second chance to people with mistakes. If improved, a person can be imprisoned with partial freedom that would enable the authority to evaluate, determine & eventually commend whether he is worthy well return into society. I believe we have people who regret of their actions. As for 50+1 voting system, we can avoid doubts that stakeholders & zambians as a whole might have about who is a genuine multi-desired candidate. I know it may turn costly, but choosing the best three or two political parties relying on the results would lighten the burden of expenses. Rerun can be done while hoping for the popular candidate. The problem in zambia we have too many parties, including that which are still formed.


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